Braindump Fronteers 2014 – Day 2

Nicholas Gallagher – Making Twitter UI infrastructure

  • Consistency scales
  • Modules are working units and contain serverside code too
  • OWNERS are maintained in an OWNERS file and own the module. They sign off (review) changes.
  • Webdriver has an iOS driver
  • Webpack module bundler


Optimizing web performance – Dave Olsen

A very interesting presentation with lots of practical information on web performance.IMG_3682

Animating SVGs with CSS and SMIL – Sara Soueidan

External stylesheet can be linked to in xml. This presentation was full of practical advices.

This is the web platform – Paul Kinlan

Appcache is dood -> service worker
Service workers can make browsers superflous in the end. Kinlan calls this The Headless web.

Learn by heart:

Using agile to bake in accessibility – Meri Williams

  • Offline and accessibility requirements should be stated in DoD

Choose your own JS adventure – Kyle Simpson

  • macros in JS
  • Tooling: see links in presentation

Scaling up and down: evolving your testing strategies – Pete Hunt

  • Unit testing in prototype phase is too eraly and causes unnecessary overhead.
  • Integration tests are a burden when a project is scaled up.
  • Test image diffs.
  • TDD does not work well when the UI is not definite.

Dream big. Think small – Petro Salema

  • Hit statistics of RAF planes revealed the counter-intuitive world.
  • M-pesa: money transfer with mobile phone
  • Beeping: signaling with mobile without answering a call.