Braindump Fronteers 2014 – Day 1

Getting nowhere with CSS “best practices”

Heydon Pickering thinks we could almost do without CSS-classes for styling. If we more often would use semantic HTML and Aria roles, a lot of classes become obsolete.

See also: WAI Aria authoring practices.


Daniel Espeset had an interesting talk on the frontend architecture at Etsy. He was absolutely right when he said that we need a strategy on the disposability of unused code. How can we safely throw code away?


Nathan Ford recommended the book Where do good ideas come from by Stephen Johnson. I found this interesting TED-talk by Johnson:

Arnout Kazemier did extensive research on the real-time web. If I ever need to implement web sockets I’ll have to watch his talk again, because it’s an enormous struggle with a shitload of bugs and issues. What I remembered was that in the end it’s easier to implement Server Sent Events than to use Websockets.

The game presentations were awesome, especially the one by Dominic Szablewski:


Also I definitely need to check out the one-game-per-week challenge on!

Shwetank Dixit encouraged me to explore navigator.getUserMedia(). So much of it can already used today!

Speech Sphinx: voice recognition tool.

Excellent talk by Alex Feyerke. His concept of offline first is challenging, but it looks like a necessity to me. Online photo editing tool Polarr is a good example of how to do it right.