CSS code insight in Eclipse or Aptana

Lately I changed my editor from Aptana to Eclipse with the Aptana plugin. Suddenly my CSS code insight did not work any longer. With these steps I could get it working again:

  1. Goto Window / Preferences
  2. Type filter text “assoc”
  3. At “General – Editors – File Associations” select “*.css”
  4. Verify that the “CSS Source editor” is the default editor. If not select it and restart Eclipse.
  5. If that still does not give you CSS code insight, check the following:
  6. Goto the Project Explorer and right click on your project.
  7. Select “Properties” and then “Project Natures”.
  8. Select project nature “Web” and set it to primary. Eclipse should restart and refresh your project.
  9. Now you should have CSS code insight. If not, throw your computer out of the window. Btw, that does not necessarily give you code insight.