Set text file encoding to UTF-8 in Aptana

Working in a web environment, it’s important to keep your character encoding clear. Serious websites set their character encoding to UTF-8 to be sure to be compatible with different language sets. Obviously the same accounts for the database.

Sometimes it’s also important to set the text file encoding of your script file (php etc.). In Aptana 2 the global text file encoding is set to Cp1252. You can change this to UTF-8 the following way:

  • In Aptana go to Window -> Preferences
  • Type “encoding” in the search box.
  • Go to General -> Workspace
  • Change the text file encoding to UTF-8 and apply.

In my case Aptana hung with the build settings so I had to uncheck them all:

Happy UTF-8 programming!

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  1. Thanks so much, this fixed the “Cannot map characters using CP1252” error message right away.

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