How to tag d.Construct 2006?

In between every @media-session the attenders of the conference could see a slide saying something like “Please tag your posts, photo’s etc. with ‘atmedia2006′”. My first reaction was: “Go away, I can define my own tags!” But of course this message contributed to consistent tagging. Have a look at Technorati or Flickr!

Nowadays I think it even would be better if the organiser of an event as soon as possible announces his favourite tag for the conference. It would assure that also the posts that are written before the event takes place, are logically tagged.

So, the next big event approaches: d.Construct. How should we tag our posts on this conference? (Posts already appear!) Shouldn’t ClearLeft give us a hint? Jeremy, for example, tagged a post on d.Construct with ‘dconstruct06’ and ‘dconstruct’, Andy doesn’t tag at all, Richard also uses‘. So, at first glance ‘dconstruct06’ seems to be an appropriate tag.

But shouldn’t there be an overall and logical tagging convention for conferences? Then, everybody would always know how to tag. I’d propose something like [conference name] (stripped of spaces and special characters) + [year]? In that case @media was tagged correctly with ‘atmedia2006’, but d.Construct should be renamed to ‘dconstruct2006’.

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  1. I would favour dconstruct06 as it’s nice and succinct. However I guess there is some ambiguity in the 06, as it could either mean the year 2006 or the 6th event of it’s kind.

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